(c) AKH-Informationszentrum. ML - Vor meinem Werk 1+1=3 LIEBE lässt wachsen; 3-1=0 KRIEG radiert aus! IMG_7518

(c) AKH – Dokumentationszentrum  ML  vor
“1+1=3 LIEBE vermehrt
3-1=0 KRIEG radiert aus!”  ML
282x162cm Acryl auf Leinwand

I`m looking forward to seeing YOU!

I am very honoured! This movie was presented in Gr. Festspielhaus in St. Pölten in the presence of LHFrau Johanna Mikl-Leitner on 13.9.18, 7pm. 2018: my studio – besides 7 others – has been selected for a film project to the days of the open studios 2018 by the KV-NÖ in cooperation with the state of Lower Austria: here the link to the movie (Atelier ML-MEE / hR – Min.4) on youtube:

2 of my INSTALLATIONS:  my big room-installation “VEZA + SCHATTEN: frau/en: „Mein Blick ? Dein Blick … lüftet den Schleier!“ML13 and my installation with photos and nature VEZAlebt SCHATTEN:frau ML11 have got a new place – out of my studio – now they are in the COLLECTION CITY of VIENNA / MUSA.

Chang Kil-Hwan Art Museum – International Collaborations Art Awards 20. Sept.22

CURRENT COVID19 ONLINE “Kunst frei Haus”:

! COVID19 – VISITS  to the exhibition in JUSTIZZENTRUM and HANDELSGERICHT in VIENNA: individual tours are possible under COVID-19 regulations ONLY by prior appointment: kunstzurecht(et)


„KUNSTzuRECHT– Justizzentrum Wien – “wonderful world” ML23
Exhibition: 2022 – 23 // due to COVID 19 – visits ONLY by prior appointment kunstzurecht(et)
Adress: Justizzentrum Wien -1030, Marxergasse 1a
Open: Mo-Fr (working days):8:00am-3:00pm (sally port)
km ART on 11 floors, artistic diversity – 100 artists. On 7th floor (Vernissagezentrum) you can see 1 WORK  from EACH artist who is  participating  this exhibition.
2022 / 2023 ML presents 7 large-sized artworks “wonderful world” – 5. floor-LICHTHOF – and one artwork -7. floor

„ML & MEE/hR“ – Handelsgericht – Wien (22nd floor – soloML)
Exhibition: 14th June2019 – exhibition extended due to COVID-19 ongoing 2023 – due to COVID 19 – visits ONLY by prior appointment kunstzurecht(et) 
working days: 8:00am -3:00pm (sally port)
1030 Wien, Marxergasse 1a, 22nd floor

Die CHALLERYGalleria Landstraße 1. floor (directly opposite the elevators )Landstraßer Hauptstraße 99-101, 1030 Wien
Mon -Fri from 09:00-19:00, Sat from 09:00-18:00 (working days)
For questions please ask: Michael Schmidt-Ott


„SCHRIFT im BILD“ – BV 1050 Schönbrunnerstrasse 54
Opening: January 24, 2024, 6:00 p.m
Curator: Mag.a G. Baumgartner
Exhibition: January 25th – February 1st, 2024 during BV opening hours

Charity – Art Auction in favour of TwoWings – KKF Company GmbH

„70 + 1  =  17 + // ML + NMN“ –  RG10 Gallery, Wien
Solo Exhibition with presentation of ML`s new catalogue “ML + NMN”
Opening Reception: 3rd June 2024, 7pm – Magde Gil Bukasa, Verein DieBunten
Opening speaker: Dr. Renée Gadsen
Exhibition: 3rd – 7th June 24
RG10 Gallery: Rotenlöwengasse 10, 1090 Wien

„Selfportraits“ – Fantapia M Art Museum – Republic of Korea
Opening Reception: 12th July 24
Exhibition: about 1 month

„Memorial MBDj17“  Poland

„Memorial MBDj17“ Belgrade, SERBIA

„70 + 1  =  17 + // ML + NMN“ – Galerie lesARTs – Bücher KEMPTER München (D)
Katalogpräsentation mit Ausstellung ML + NMN  

#PAE24 – McKinney, Texas, exhibition will be opening on September 28, 2024

M.A.D. – Intern. Mail Art Day 16th Oct.24 – MAM Mail Art Museum of Montecarotto (I)