2013:  VEZA + SCHATTEN: frau/en: „Mein Blick ? Dein Blick … lüftet den Schleier!“ VEZA+ SHADOW: woma/e/n: “My view? Your sight … lift the curtains!” ROOM:Installation (190x90x70cm)

ML developed and dedicated this room installation to Veza Canetti .

Materials: 2 wooden frames, textile, chinese  mulberry bark paper
Dimension: 190x90x70cm

Here you can find  the visible – recognizable photographs – and the invisible. These contents have been linked to an installation by Monika Lederbauer
Now they are in the COLLECTION CITY of VIENNA / MUSA.

2012: VEZAlebt Preview

STUDY to the planned room installation “VEZAlebt”.
Technique: acrylic and silver point on textile; exerimental phototransferprint on Bristol cardboard,  stretcher frame
Dimensions: 77x67cm

2011: „VEZAlebt SCHATTENfrau“ ML 11 installation

technique: temporary scultpure, texts, photos, drawing, painting Dimension: 220 x 240 x 70cm

ML researched the “Shadow:Woman” VEZA.  She used drawings and texts of the book “Letters to Georges” and  worked with writing and photographed shadows of hands. Finally  she set braids of nature in front of the installation. The photos of the temporary sculpture (performed Aug.-2011 in Salzburg) became this “photo + natural installation” (shown in October 2011 at … PHOTOS give a testimony and keep the memory alive …. ML11
Now they are in the COLLECTION CITY of VIENNA / MUSA.