ML is a contemporary visual artist working in different mediums: paintings, drawings, prints – she does installations and lyric, too. Her themes are concerning nature and human being – also socially critical art statements relating to her motto: “I am feeling with my eyes, hearing with my soul and thinking with my heart. She takes the privilege / freedom expressing things she is hearing, seeing and feeling with her brushes. For her it is magic to make the immaterial visible through the use of light and colour!”
One characteristic in Monika Lederbauer ML´s oevre is working on various series simultaneously or at time-delayed resulting series. Within these working groups the stylistic options are maxed out, so the artist almost always ranges between abstraction and representation. The language is very important  for Monika Lederbauer ML. Not only words can be found somewhere woven into the painting and drawing, … -by changing the upperlace and lowercase letters within each word she creates a more intellectual level, too. The viewer is directly addressed to refer several positions and think about  seriously.