Texts by ML

Not immediately, but someday –
Dreams will become true! “ML
ad “MEE/hR

MEE / hR ( = sea + more …) alpha – omega … life – death … start – end … a never ending story about life and more!

Water- MEE/hR- always has attracted me magically, astonished me and aroused my curiosity especially in interaction with light upon, or in the water. By  transformation  of the moving primordial element, the colours get an enormous luminosity and strong saturation. In nearly every moment there are new views of a partly completely new picture composition, which I try to capture on the canvas picturesquely. This creates impressionistic up to abstract images: reflections from distorted by the waves rolling playfully, reflexes, reflections of objects in the water from the small details to the multiple broken line. (ML)

2005-2015 Decade series “BLUE-BERGE”   … ongoing!

Infinity! – Lightness of being – fog / obfuscation -… HOPE – hope… 2005-2015 decade  series  “BLUE- MOUNTAINS”  ML …  TURN. Point …  BLUE – MOUNTAINS …  sometimes  WHITE!  Monika  Lederbauer  ML’s  series  BLUE-MOUNTAINS  ongoing  since  2005  includes  large  and   smallsized   works:   paintings,   drawings   and  prints –  on  canvas  and  on  paper.  The  fascination  of  nature  is  essential  for  ML,  wherein  she  sees  synonyms  for  strength,  power,  love,  resources …  and  some  more.  The  realistic  reproduction  of   the  peaks  and  hilltops  are  not  important.   I  capture  them  in  a  variety  of  formations  on  canvas or on paper.  In most cases the contrast of blue and white is dominant. My mountains are ambassadors.  Nature is ubiquitously:  we often have forgotten, to feel…! OR to the force of the images: violence to connect  mountains –  believe  in  oneself  can  move  mountains.  Nature – idyll,   romance,   fascination –   fear,   power,  force,  the elements. Resources,  exploitation …   an  inexhaustible  subject. We live  too  fast! Looking for inner wealth …  silence,  peace,  message  of the  mountains –  ambassador  mountain!  Feel  the  mountains –  the essence –  thoughts  upon  thoughts!   On top  of  the  mountain, high  up  and  even  far  away  from  the  sky –  although  one   almost  can reach  the  stars.   In  the  valley   people  moving  like small ants …  or  microbes?   Dance.  Theatre.   Feelings  …  Emmy  Haesele  and  Alfred  Kubin  –  meetings,  correspondence  …   far away and very near  at  the  same  moment!  BLUE  MOUNTAINS  – BLUE  …   WHITE  –  or …  RED!   LIGHT  and  SHADOW /  life   accompanying   OPPOSITES,   the  colours  BLUE  – WHITE,   which  represent  this.    Opposites  are  adjacent,   interdependent  and  call  for  one  another.   Far  away  and  very  close!  Through  the  choice   of  picture  details  and because  of  the absence  of  relevant  points  of  reference  details  these  works  resemble  abstract  paintings,  which  focus  on  light  and  shadow   and   texture  in  the ever –  changing  spectacle  of nature.   By often haptic surface of the paintings it may be that the third dimension opens up.

Text ad “NMN  (New Moon Night) letters”  – (2006 – … )

“If one wants to achieve something big, one must do things not only sufficient for mind, but also move the heart”  Mahatma Gandhi
First I create a spontaneous text of thought pieces that can be  inspired by a poem line / text or took its  output of current events – always in new moon nights.  Then this text is written on special Chinese paper and reworked with colours and pen and sometimes with collages, too.  Often then only individual word fragments are remaining legible.  My choice is very manifold. At the beginning of these series  there  were  mostly  worrying  about  world  peace,  now  also  very  time -critical –  for  example:  “Throwaway”,  “What is the difference?”  Only  recently  there  can be found in exhibitions even a more readable version of the text in the framing next to the picture:  my “NMN – letter” (size about 31 x 35 cm on Chinese rice paper) with the 90° rotated handwritten text – reading direction from below to above – together in one framework (dimension: about 50x70cm)

Text about the series  “L : eben” (LIFE: just now / L : EBEN/ REALLY I”)(2014 – …)

DRAWING = LIFE : just now …  showing realities …  spontaneous expression of myself on various topics.
“How many  REALITIES are there?   Everyone has / creates his own reality! My “POINTofVIEW”… common sight on everyday life and extraordinary, that surrounds us – Life : just now” ML14

ad series “SONNENFLUG”  2011 – …  collage + drawings on paper

My ongoing series “SUN FLIGHT”  consists of drawings with collage. Some are homage to women whose merits often gain recognition too late. With text, photos, graphics, drawings or word fragments – glued above or next to each other and set up  – I`m originating a new whole issue. I do not believe in coincidences. I want to establish with my proceeding new points of view and new contexts. Two quotes are thereby the key of my actions. Firstly an abriged statement of Novalis: “Come the strangest things through a place, a time, a strange similarity together, so arise whimsical units and peculiar links … ” and  secondly a question of Elias Canetti: “You never know what is, when things are changed. But do we know what will happen if they are not changed?”

ad idea and concept of the series “SCHATTEN: spiel” (2012 – 2013, 2018)
SHADOW & LIGHT – a fascinating performance!

“Fascinated by light and shadow I see organic grown, animated by light and shadow … wandering in wheel of the year … I’m trying  to capture and to make a note with ink on paper (A3) or on canvas (100x100cm) … amazed about  the ever-changing forms, which partly move very quickly…  forms,  trying  to  revoke  my  access / hold …!”

All these works have been created in my studio – with ink – the majority on A3 paper in portrait format, landscape rarely (No.13), No. 10 + 11 a diptych.. Consciously I signed with red Chinese stamp ink with my initials stamp “ML” which has been made in China years ago. Work no. 21 “right in the middle”, and artworks no. 33, 35, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 44 -. which belong  to this series, too  – seem to be  rather figurally  ink drawings in blue on 1x1m stretched canvas.

ad: “JANUS

JANUS is the Roman god of the (local and  temporal) receipt of the doors [Latin “Ianua” “door”] whose sides they thought symbolized in the double vision of Janus representation. My Janus images reveal their double vision – ambivalence – in the view of the portrait or landscape format. Vertical images are states of being, feelings, emotions, but also performed questions – in landscape orientation there can be seen in each case “wide country”. There are 36 works in acrylic or acrylic-mixed media – 120x80cm or rotated 90 ° 80x120cm – all on stretched canvas  (exception: JANUS 1 – size: 90x70cm)

ad “Trees, trees, trees …!

starting with TREE 1 on 25 December 2005 – completed on November 1, 2008. There are  now 30 TREES … 30 works – trees … trees … trees! – 28 plus 2 watercolors / some with ink drawings …. 28 works on paper. Plus 2  on the inner sides of the  (all works including)   folder. Size: A3.
Trees are still  a  recurring,  inspiring  motif   to  me  – realized  in  various  media  in  many  different  forms  with  differents  technics on  paper  and some  on  canvas.

…. more!
The category “… more” subsumes works and works series that do not fit in MLs  oeuvre.

 “WINTERWEISS (ML  2014 / 15 –  … )
Small-scale ink drawings, they took their origin of tracery on a frosted window.

ad “Portraits
–  “SELBST” (ME) – 2006 – 2007

ME -“Self portraits, painted and drawn, are part of my artistic work -“I = various”… How many realities exist? Everyone has / creates his own reality! My “POINTofVIEW”… common sight on everyday life and extraordinary, that surrounds us – live… just life!”

25 works on paper, 100x70cm, ink, oil pastell or mixed media

– 21 “Biedermeier-?self?-portraits” in the 21st Century  (2009)

“21 BIEDERMEIERself? PORTRAITS in the 21th century”
Do they have power? Or are they dead? – You decide! My 21-part series – maybe self? portraits – LIFE – the woman – I? – WHO? – YOU – emotions, moods, impressions – taken from real life … start everyday life, the environment … paintings – mostly with acrylic on the backside of the canvas. Portraits: there are two formats: small – 65x46cm – and large – 130x100cm.

–  “s : ICH – SPÜRE : n!”  ( 2010 /11)

“s : ICH-SPÜRE : n!”  sympathy vs. homage to Frida Kahlo – ‘Self’ – portraits – sensitivities / reflection about pain – sense: scourge / blessing of life? Cervical spine – between feeling / heart and mind. Pain influences body – mind – and soul! When the soul hurts…, the body is crying…! in/ the pain drawing / painting ? ” I can feel and notice: what at least has been picturesque?  … last residuals are gone! … “FEEL GOOD!”

Serial consisting of:
7 works: mixed media  – sometimes with collage on streched canvas  60x40cm
16 works: mixed media on A3 – BristolPaper
5 works: watercolour and/or mixed media on 40x40cm water colour paper.

SternenhimmelTagebuch  ML 2006-07

“Starry sky diary”  – I loved my post midnight walks with my dog Balou and  I am fascinated by the night light! Inspired by the sky and cloud formations – so my always in the same night I painted my starry sky diary:  watercolours on watercolour paper, A4  – more than 100 works .. and a catalogue (limited edition) ML 2006/2007

Thoughts to “I LOVE YOUR voice!”  ML 2005

PAINTING = FREEDOM! I take the privilege / freedom expressing things I am hearing, seeing and feeling. Inspired by a bass voice I heard trees whispering …. and created my diary with watercolours and ink . 66 works, dimension: 21x14cm.  A catalogue has been published in limited edition.